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"Daisy's Doll House"

Own a piece of history . . .

The kit for this soon-to-be 100-year-old doll house is professionally printed & is a limited edition.

Shown here is my Kestner 171 Daisy (which was part of the premium in 1911) wearing her party dress from the first paper doll page (outfit made by Susan Mitchell).  Next to her is the doll house made from the doll house kit.  The doll house is approximately  17 1/2" wide by 14" deep by 16" high (height includes the foundation).

There are four rooms in the house.  Here is the front of the doll house showing the dining room (left) and living room (right) with its furniture.  The 3 1/2" all-bisque doll does NOT come with the doll house kit.  The doll shown in these pictures IS an original doll from the original promotion of 1912.  A picture and description of this little doll is included with the doll house kit.

Here is a closer picture of the two front rooms.  Notice there are two open doors in the interior; a fully open door between the dining room and living room and a partially open door between the living room and the bedroom.  The all-bisque doll, shown standing in the doorway between the two rooms, is an antique doll made by the German company Kling (NOT included with doll house kit).  Any doll that is  3" - 3 1/2" tall would work with the doll house.

Here is a view of the back two rooms of the house, the bedroom (left) and the kitchen (right).

This picture shows the incredible detail of the doll house!  Originally created in 1912, the doll house even has "shadows," as if light is shining on the doll house.  A copy of the page, from the November 1912 Ladies' Home Journal which advertised the premium, is below.

About the Doll House . . .

In November 1912, almost a full year after the Daisy doll promotion ended, Ladies’ Home Journal ran another promotion associated with the popular Lettie Lane paper doll series. This promotion was for a doll house and an all-bisque doll. For years collectors have affectionately referred to this elusive doll house as “Daisy’s Doll House.”  In the 1960's, when many of the "little girls" who participated in the 1911 Ladies' Home Journal promotion for Daisy were still alive,  Atha Kahler did extensive research and published a book title "Lettie Lane's Daisy, The Doll That Really Came to Life."  In all her years of collecting, Atha  knew of only one copy of the elusive doll house (the original doll house was printed on heavy paper and it is amazing that any survived), which came up for auction in the 1970’s on the East Coast. With a young family, it wasn’t possible for Atha to travel to the auction. Fortunately, Maurine Popp, a distinguished collector from New England, had a copy (perhaps “the” copy) of the doll house in her collection. When Maurine died, her estate of dolls and paper ephemera was sold at auction. Lucky for us, a savvy Daisy collector named Mary Kiley spotted the doll house in a box lot!  Mary purchased the doll house, still in its original packaging, having never been put together, and eventually sold it to Atha.  Atha told me of her good fortune in acquiring the doll house at a United Federation of Doll Clubs National Convention in 2007. We talked about how wonderful it would be to make copies of the doll house available to others who love Daisy. About a year before Atha’s death she called me and told me she wanted me to be ‘the keeper of Daisy’s Doll House.’  In honor of Atha’s sharing spirit and love of Daisy, I have painstakingly copied the doll house and had a limited number of copies professionally printed.  This is truly a 'Made in the USA' product, as all printing (including the posters and book below) has been done on Cape Cod in Massachusetts near Donelle's home.  Each doll house kit is checked and assembled by Donelle.

What Is Included in the Doll House Kit:

Each kit contains the following:

    -  25 full color pages (12" X 18") to make the complete doll house including the lawn printed on 80# card stock

    - 9 full color pages (8 1/2" X 11") to make the four rooms of furniture printed on 80# card stock

    - 10 pages of detailed instructions and diagrams on how to make the doll house and the furniture

    - A copy of the original instructions and what the assembled furniture looks like

    -  A copy of the full color page from the November 1912 Ladies’ Home Journal (shown above); this page is personally signed and numbered by Donelle Denery, who holds the 2011 copyright

    - A supply list, with potential sources, is included with the instructions

The full color pages have additional notations, such as cut or bend, to aid in the ease of assembling the doll house.  If you can cut, paste and follow instructions - you can make the doll house!

PLEASE NOTE: THE DOLL HOUSE KIT DOES NOT COME WITH THE ALL-BISQUE DOLL SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS! However, a mold to make the doll as a reproduction will be available soon.

Other Daisy-Related Items for Sale:

Reprint of Rare Antique Book: Lettie Lane's Sister's Children

Did you know that before Sheila Young began to work for Ladies' Home Journal, she created greeting cards and Christmas cards which were sold in gift shops?  She often wrote little verses for the cards.  Sometime either during or after the Lettie Lane paper doll series ran in Ladies' Home Journal, a series of little books about Lettie Lane were created and sold.  I am fortunate enough to own one of these original books and have carefully had it professionally reprinted in a limited edition.  The book is 8 1/4" by 9 1/2" and is printed in full color.  Printed and bound in the same method as the original, the inside of the book is printed on acid-free Vellum Bristol paper, suitable for cutting out (or framing) the six pages of paper dolls!  There is also a three page verse-like story and a page of instructions for cutting out the dolls which in part reads: "As there are five or six costumes for each doll, you will be able to change its dress as often as you like to suit the weather or the season."  The paper doll pages are images which were NEVER published in Ladies' Home Journal.  This charming book is now available!

Complete set of all 5 Daisy Pages, plus bonus 6th page (cover of January 1, 1911 Ladies' Home Journal)

Professionally printed on 11" X 17" Vellum Bristol paper, suitable for framing!

January 1, 1911 Ladies' Home Journal Cover with Harrison Fisher illustration of a Young Girl Holding a Doll, professionally printed on 11" X 17" Vellum Bristol paper, suitable for framing!  This is the same page that is included with the set of Daisy Pages above.  Since many collectors have copies of the original Daisy pages, several people requested the ability to purchase just the cover.

To Order Your Limited Edition Doll House Kit or Other Items Seen Here:

All items shown here are now available for immediate shipping!

Click the order form below and print it out.

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Daisy-Related Items Available for Sale from UFDC

“Daisy's Album - Lettie Lane's Daisy, The Doll That Really Came to Life" by Atha Kahler (see picture above) is a wonderful book telling the full story of Daisy.  Originally researched in the 1960’s and published in 1969, Atha interviewed or corresponded with multiple "little girls" who participated in the premium.  In 2004, she updated the book, which was published in loose-leaf format, with additional research .  Atha's family has graciously given UFDC the rights to this book.  Linda Edward, Susan Sirkis and Donelle Denery have revised the book and, starting at the Anaheim convention, the book will be available on a continuing basis from UFDC.  Priced at $29.95, the professionally printed, bound book is available for purchase from UFDC. 

Additionally, “Happy Birthday Daisy!,” the program Donelle Denery presented on Monday morning at the UFDC National Convention in Anaheim, CA on 25 July is available for purchase on a DVD from UFDC.  The program, which plays as a movie, is packed full of Daisy information, has over 50 slides, a voice-over, music,  and runs approximately 25 minutes.  Although all 40 copies of the DVD sold out quickly at the convention, it is now available for sale.  Consider purchase of this DVD, at the modest price of $15,  for your own pleasure or to use as a program for your doll club!

If anyone wishes to order either “Daisy's Album - Lettie Lane's Daisy, The Doll That Really Came to Life" book or the "Happy Birthday Daisy!" DVD, you can do so by contacting Kae at the UFDC Headquarters 816-891-7040 or ufdckae@ufdc.org.  UFDC accepts checks, MC, Visa and Discover.  Shipping of these orders will start September 1st, 2011.

The following photos are provided courtesy of United Federation of Doll Clubs Inc. and are from the UFDC National Convention - July 25 - 29, 2011 in Anaheim, CA.  All photos by Donelle Denery, unless otherwise noted.


Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Daisy portion of "Long Live the King!" Special Exhibit featuring the dolls of J. D. Kestner.  The outfits in this picture were made by the following people: (left to right) bride through Indian outfits (5 outfits) by Mary Kiley; royal blue outfit by Mareen Harrod, pink party dress and mariner by Susan Mitchell.

 Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Detail of Lettie Lane Doll House with copy of the Ladies' Home Journal page that first ran the premium for the doll house and all bisque doll.  The original doll house is too frail to be put together.  The doll house here is from the doll house kit sold above.  The all bisque doll inside the doll house is one of the original dolls that came with the doll house premium.  Doll in mariner outfit is next to page showing this outfit.  Pink party dress is directly below the picture of the dress on the corresponding page.

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Another photo showing the dolls and their dresses.  Although this is a Kestner exhibit, the Daisy in the bride dress is a Handwerck Daisy (shhh, don't tell as all the other dolls in the room were all made by Kestner and they may 'kick' her out when the lights go out!)

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Pretty in pink - a closer look at the pink party dress.

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

From the last Daisy page of December 1911, the little red riding hood outfit and the Indian outfit.  This Daisy came to me 'well loved' by her original 'mother'.  Her head has been damaged and repaired (thus the shine on her cheek) and she has a new wig & shoes from Dollspart Supply.


Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Now how did that Handwerck sneak into a room of Kestners?  I love the way Mary Kiley made a lace overlay with daisies on it.  I know this should be worn under the dress - but I thought this was so clever - I show it over the dress.  Note the lovely raffia suitcase, raffia and silk purse and Daisy's school lunch basket courtesy of Melissa Hoover owner of "House of Missy Mouse."

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Last year, some dear friends found and gave me a gift of these antique, doll-size calling cards.  I can just imagine little girls getting together in 1911 with their Daisy dolls and passing out Daisy calling cards!

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

There were several wonderful Daisy's in the competition room.  This is just one of them.  Her owner told me she has half of her original box too!


The following pictures are views of the marvelous "Long Live the King" Special Exhibit put on by Marina Tagger and Maureen Harrod.  This was a tremendous amount of work and these ladies did a fabulous job!  I hope you feel like you are there and walking through the room.

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention


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